Zeme is nobody's bitch, he runs eternity, if you see him, he may attend to you, because you are his bitch. Simply by creating an account on you are agreeing to be Zeme's bitch. Many speculate that Zeme is the god of this game, some call him a diety, but the only facts that remain are that he is nobody's bitch, and has the highest kills and glory by far. Zeme is confused on how he has the most kills, he simply attends his bitches. Zeme is also the sexiest man on eternity. Having sex with Zeme is not gay, it is art. It's like if Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise had sex. It would not be gay porn, it would simply be art. Seeing Zeme and having to be Zeme's bitch is a part of the game, and it is a priviledge. Being Zeme's bitch is like having sex with Megan Fox in space while she is covered in chicken flavored ramen noodles. If you look up "sexy" in the dictionary, it will say "Zeme". Zeme is the notorious cherry popper of Death's tender, sweet, asshole. Death is the whistle blower of bitches, he rallies them together so that they may all be bitches together. Death thinks he has authority or somehow accomplishes something, but accomplishes nothing and further digs himself into a hole of being Zeme's bitch. When he tries to dig himself out of this hole, he further digs himself into this hole of bitchness and Zeme gets his lulz. When Zeme gets his lulz he accomplishes his mission. You are all Zeme's bitch. When Zeme gets on a podium, it is usually to announce his supreme domination. Bitches speaking against Zeme is called propaganda, and any propaganda is good propaganda when it comes to being Zeme's bitch. Because you are all Zeme's bitch. Nomatter what. Trying to troll Zeme is like pissing into an ocean of piss. It fails epicly and further makes the ocean piss, which it already is. Zeme's penis is 8============D and your penis is 8=D. Having sex with Zeme is not sex unless maple syrup is involved, fuzzy handcuffs are optional. If you are told to call Zeme daddy and make pirate noises, you probably are having sex, but it is also possible Zeme is just attending his bitch, which is you. Because you are Zeme's bitch.