Weapon FactoryEdit

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Description: Allows production of weapon blueprints. More advanced blueprints require higher level factories.

Note: May take power to operate.

Building RequirementsEdit

Building Level Resources Needed

150x Hydrogen
150x Nitrogen
90x Cesium
70x Krypton


170x Hydrogen
170x Nitrogen
100x Cesium
75x Krypton

3 205x Hydrogen
205x Nitrogen
115x Cesium
85x Krypton
4 265x Hydrogen
265x Nitrogen
140x Cesium
100x Krypton
5 375x Hydrogen
375x Nitrogen
185x Cesium
125x Krypton
6 570x Hydrogen
570x Nitrogen
265x Cesium
170x Krypton
7 935x Hydrogen
925x Nitrogen
415x Cesium
255x Krypton
8 1645x Hydrogen
1645x Nitrogen
705x Cesium
420x Krypton
9 3080x Hydrogen
3080x Nitrogen
1295x Cesium
755x Krypton