Fusion Power ModuleEdit

Generates nuclear power. Total power generated = 2,000 + Level * 2000 gW.

The generator is mainly stafed by old angry russian guys, in labcoats with goggles, though their more for decoration.

unless you speak russian, they won't share their vodka suppy with you, which they bought with rest of the resources since they built the damn reactor out of a lump of uranium and 200 paperclips.

Build RequirementsEdit

Building Level Resources Needed Power Generated
1 65x Plutonium
100x Nitrogen
150x Cesium
70x Uranium
4000 gW

70x Plutonium
110x Nitrogen
170x Cesium
75x Uranium

6000 gW


75x Plutonium
130x Nitrogen
205x Cesium
85x Uranium
8000 gW

85x Plutonium

160x Nitrogen

265x Cesium

100x Uranium

10000 gW